3 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Festivities

Now that Summer is upon us that means more BBQ’s, Festivals and all things with a plethora of good food. Yum! But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy these festivities just because you’re on the road to better health and watching your weight. Below are 3 simple ways you can still go out and enjoy yourself without packing on the pounds.

1. Stay hydrated

The sun is out and it is HOT! So it’s important you’re drinking enough water and staying hydrated during the summer months to help eliminate any chances of dehydration. I’m sure you’re like most people who get tired of hearing, “drink more water” but it’s by far the easiest, quickest and healthiest thing you can do for your body to better your health. It’s also good for flushing out and releasing all the toxins you’ll be consuming with Step #2.

2. Make your own drinks
One way to cut calories and reduce your sugar consumption is by making your own drinks. So if you decide to enjoy a drink or two, try making your own using whole, fresh items such as mint, cucumber, lemon/lime, berries, or even make your own Sangria.
By doing this and following step #1 it will definitely help just in case you have too many adult beverages and reduce the chances of an ugly hangover….we’ve all been there lol.
If you’re somewhere where you can’t make your own drinks, skip the mixers loaded with sugar and ask the bartender to make you a delicious spritzer with fresh lemon or lime juice and sparkling water instead.

3. EAT! But….

Watch those portions. I always tell my clients, “enjoy

yourself, just don’t OVERinuldge.” Eat because you’re hungry, not just because the food is there. Choose grilled over fried, consume some veggies and try to avoid things drenched in unhealthy sauces.

These are all simple ways to cut back on the calories but not on the fun!

If you need more help and you’re ready to finally reach your health and fitness goals, I would love to help you! Schedule your initial consultation today!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer!