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I am here to change how people live their lives and do business.

I am here to make taking care of yourself nutritionally, mentally, physically and emotionally the “in” thing to do.

I am here to change the toxic workplace culture and toxic diet and exercise narrative.

I am here to help you and your organization become your best self through better health!

Jennifer Jones

Integrative Nutritionist

Hunger & Stress Hormone Specialist

Executive Wellness Coach

Holistic Nutritionist

Jennifer Jones


I’m Jen, and I am the Founder of JENuine Nutrition™.

I am a Certified Integrative Nutritionist & Executive Wellness Coach with over a decade of experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.

I went from a top performing athlete – AAU Basketball, Collegiate Volleyball and Bodybuilding; what I like to call “Beastmode Jen”, to Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert, Yoga and Pilates lover “Zen Jen”.

For over a decade, I have lived both sides of the industry (Conventional & Holistic) and have figured out the missing link(s) when it comes to living a healthy, more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

My personal journey to naturally healing my body through holistic nutrition and lifestyle management, led to the creation of my proprietary, Signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health; which then gave birth to my proven system, The Balanced Eating Blueprint™ which has helped all of my clients successfully and naturally lower stress, increase energy, and change their relationship with food to improve their overall quality of life and performance.

I understand the challenges busy professionals and high-performing teams face in stressful environments with limited time to dedicate to their health.

Which is why my holistic, well-rounded approach is designed to simplify the confusing and conflicting information in the health and wellness space, making it easier for my clients to adopt a new and healthier lifestyle….for a lifetime.

I am passionate about equipping organizations and teams with the motivation, results driven strategies and tools they need to create real, tangible change, and I am devoted to drastically changing the work-life narrative and improving the mental, physical nutritional and emotional well-being of all of my clients.

I have worked with major companies such as food giant SYSCO, real estate giant Keller Williams and have been a regular on KPRC TV Houston. I’m also a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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