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Teaching you how to naturally heal yourself and improve your quality of life through Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Holistic Nutritionist

Jennifer Jones


I’m Jen, and I am the Owner & Founder of JENuine Nutrition™.

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Hormone & Lifestyle Expert with over a decade of experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.

I went from a high performance athlete – Basketball, Volleyball and Bodybuilding; what I like to call “Beastmode Jen”, to Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert, Yoga and Pilates lover “Zen Jen”.

For over a decade, I have lived both sides of the industry and have figured out the missing piece and created a system for long-term weight loss.

Growing up as an athlete, intense workouts were part of the course and I went from working out six days a week, sometimes two-a-days, down to only two or three times a week, which only included Yoga, Pilates and walking, all without gaining any weight and still maintaining my athletic figure.

In fact, I’ve been able to stay within 5-10lbs of my High School weight all by implementing my Signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health™ which I created over six years ago, that have not only transformed my life, but my client’s lives as well.

I overcame the challenge that our society has placed on us by thinking I had to workout like crazy all the time, restrict my calories and eat bird food for the rest of my life to lose or maintain my weight.

Through my experience and education over the years, what I’ve learned and helped teach my clients is that calories are not the enemy, and restricting your calories or burning more than you consume is not only the wrong or sustainable way to go about it, it’s not entirely accurate.

The real key to losing weight and keeping it off is by first stabilizing your hormones and metabolism through balanced eating and living.

This is also how I was able to naturally heal my body from debilitating cycles and improve my overall quality of life.

You may not be suffering from debilitating cycles, but you might be tired of being on the diet and exercise hamster wheel with no resutls and you’re ready to make a real change.

If that’s you, my programs will empower you to develop a healthier relationship with food so you can balance your body and life, naturally heal yourself and improve your very own quality of life!

My unique system and programs are proven with a 100% success rate where all my clients experience a mental and/or physical transformation.

I have worked with major companies such as food giant SYSCO, real estate giant Keller Williams and has been a regular on KPRC TV Houston. I’m also a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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