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JENuine Nutrition |

Welcome to JENuine Nutrition!

A Holistic, JENuine Approach to Helping You Change Your Relationship With Food to Naturally Reduce StressBalance Your Hormones& more!

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Love Yourself to Better Health™

JENuine Nutrition |
A 10-week, LIVE Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Transformation, group coaching program created for busy individuals who are tired of putting themselves last, not comfortable in their bodies and want to learn how to live and eat with more intention to reduce stress and lose weight for a long-lasting Nutrition and Lifestyle transformation.


Houston’s Top Muralist Joins JENuine Nutrition

JENuine Nutrition |
“Same outfit, different weight, different energy.

Thank you @JenuineNutrition for working with me and designing a program that fits my lifestyle.“

Client Transformations

JENuine Nutrition |


JENuine Nutrition |

I’m motivated to eat more nutrient dense food because of the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from this course. I see how my eating affects my mind, body, and soul.”

Patricia W.


The JENuine Approach

JENuine Nutrition |

My approach is simply just that….JENuine and straight from the heart. I help simplify the journey to better health and nutrition by equipping you with the knowledge and tools to help you successfully change your relationship with food and ultimately change your life!

I teach you what, when, and how much to eat so you can naturally balance your hormones, lose weight and reduce stress.

I do this by following my signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health which I created over five years ago that utilizes Nutrition Psychology and Behavioral Sciences to get to the root cause of what’s hindering your weight loss and/or causing any imbalances. Learn what, when and how to eat specifically for you, your body and lifestyle to achieve and maintain the results you want!

“Good Nutrition Is The Foundation To A Good Life” – Jennifer Jones

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JENuine Nutrition |

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What My Clients Are Saying

JENuine Nutrition |

“Jen has guided me to be in tune with my body and make healthier choices to benefit my goals. She is encouraging, fun, and uplifting. She is honest and open and…makes sure I stay honest with myself as well. If you are looking for someone to help jumpstart your journey or someone to take you to the next level, Jen is your woman!”

Tracey F – 90-Day Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Progam

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JENuine Nutrition |

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