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"Good Nutrition Is The Foundation To A Good Life" ~Jennifer Jones


My approach is simply just that….JENuine and straight from the heart. I help simplify the journey to better health and nutrition by equipping you with the knowledge and tools to help you successfully change your relationship with food and ultimately change your life! 


I teach you what, when, and how much to eat so you can naturally balance your hormones, lose weight and reduce stress.


I do this by following my signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health which I created over five years ago that utilizes Nutrition Psychology and Behavioral Sciences to get to the root cause of what’s hindering your weight loss and/or causing any imbalances.

Learn what, when and how to eat specifically for you, your body and lifestyle to  achieve and maintain the results you want!


Lose Weight ✔

 Stop Counting Calories ✔

      Stop Stressful/Emotional Eating ✔

  Eliminate Cravings ✔

  Reduce Stress ✔

Increase Energy ✔

   Improve Gut Health ✔

  Balance Hormones

  Improve Sleep & MORE!

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