Balanced Beings


Better Business

Empowering leaders, executives and working professionals to create more balance in their body and life through wellness, lifestyle and leadership coaching.

Start creating more balance in your body and life today!


Balanced Beings


Better Business

Empowering leaders, executives and working professionals to create more balance in their body and life through wellness, lifestyle and leadership coaching.

Start creating more balance in your body and life today!

The Jenuine Journey

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

Nutrition for Well-being

Do You Feel Like Your Life is Out of Balance?


Are Eating Habits Out of Balance?


JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

Nutrition is the most important component when it comes to the state of your overall health & well-being. 


Are Your Hormones and Sleep out of Balance?

Do You Feel Disconnected from Yourself?


“Live with Intention & Become Your Best Self Through Better Health.” ~Jennifer Jones

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JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com


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Intentional Living + Balanced Eating


A Balanced Life

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

Balanced Nutrition. Balanced Life.


The JENuine Approach

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

Live with Intention, Eat with Intention™ is our motto!

Now more than ever, more and more people are overworked, overstressed and overweight.
Not to mention, they are unhappy, have low energy, and are not sleeping well, which are all signs of poor deteriorating health.

Everyone knows to “eat right” and workout, but here’s what you might not know.

You can’t just diet and exercise your way to better health.

You’re so much more than that!

Very few people take into consideration the other key factors that play a role in your body’s ability or inability to lose weight or be healthy.

That’s where my proprietary and proven, signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health come in:

  • Intentional & Intuitive Nutrition
  • Lifestyle & Stress Management
  • Self-Care & Awareness
  • Physical Well-being

Through my signature framework, nutrition psychology and behaviroal science, I help individuals and organizations go beyond the surface to shift my client’s mindsets to live with intention and consciously make choices that move them closer to achieving their wellness goals.

By understanding that a healthy life goes beyond diet or physical activity, I care for my clients in a holistic fashion to improve their overall wellbeing, helping them become their best selves through better health!

Let’s get started!

My Signature Four Pillars of Holistic health

Live With Intention . Eat With Intention™

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Education that teaches you how to eat and use food as medicine, so you can naturally heal your body, lose weight, and break free from crazy diets and extreme exercise. 


Self-Care &

Lifestyle &
Stress Mangement



What My Clients Are Saying

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

“Jen has guided me to be in tune with my body and make healthier choices to benefit my goals. She is encouraging, fun, and uplifting. She is honest and open and…makes sure I stay honest with myself as well. If you are looking for someone to help jumpstart your journey or someone to take you to the next level, Jen is your woman!”

Tracey F – 90-Day Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Progam
Lucretia DeFloraLucretia DeFlora
00:42 11 Mar 24
JENuine Nutrition is an excellent guide on how to live a healthy life. I received practical information that can easily be added to my daily routine.
Danita DeFlora-JohnsonDanita DeFlora-Johnson
17:01 09 Mar 24
This has been an experience for me. I’m not only paying attention to what I eat but how it affects my body. Some of it is a reboot from my chiropractor. I enjoyed the opened if Jennifer. She wasn’t trying to sell her bottled product but bring awareness to eating the and exercising the right way. Fantastic program.
Pam JonesPam Jones
03:30 04 Nov 23
Jennifer's 4-week Anti-inflammatory program was a great success for me by stabilizing my moods and giving me an overall sense of well-being. Jennifer was very informative and relatable by providing direction and understanding. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to have a better quality of life because IT WORKS!!!
Stephanie BrooksStephanie Brooks
16:55 01 Nov 23
Jennifer helped me to understand how what I eat affects my body. She’s reshaped my thinking on eating healthier, exercising and using food as medicine. Sometimes I get caught up in checking boxes when it comes to my health and doing things because that’s what experts say to do. I never thought to make up my own nutritious meals - just put stuff together that works for me. I also never thought to just move - walk around work parking lot, go up/down the stairs, etc. I’ve always had in mind to follow an exercise regimen - 3-5x/wk for 45 mins, which I often didn’t have the time nor energy to do. This is a great, informative program. It really helps you pay attention to what you’re feeding you’re feeding your body.
Wanda WatsonWanda Watson
16:09 01 Nov 23
What a wonderful journey I learned so much. I'm not eating healthy exercising drinking more water. Thank you so much ❤️ You are phenomenal.
Debra LeeDebra Lee
13:51 01 Nov 23
JeNuine Nutrition is everything you need in a Nutritionist! She is very passionate about her clients success. I had acid reflux really bad had to take meds everyday but since being with Jen teaching me a new lifestyle of eating I don't have to put those meds in my body! Jennifer don't teach dieting which I Love she teaches a change of mindset of eating, eat to live not eat for taste! I can pay now with bad eating choices or pay later with high medical bills and cabinet full of meds! Thanks, Jennifer for helping me to make a better choice of my eating habits!
chelsea leechelsea lee
20:34 30 Oct 23
I started with Jennifer October 2023 for a 4 week program with my church. I learned so much about how to read food labels and how to eat to live instead of live to eat. I am excited about my results and would recommend this program to anyone that wants to learn about food and how it affects their body. Thank you Jennifer!
Tammy BowserTammy Bowser
01:23 17 Aug 23
A plus! We all know that what you eat is the biggest factor in being healthy. I thought my choices were pretty good and some were. But after tracking my meals for 2 weeks and going through it with a professional nutritionist, I could clearly see where I needed to make changes. Thank you Jen!
Johnnie LeeJohnnie Lee
04:17 27 Jun 23
I met Jennifer through a marketing flyer posted on the office wall while attending one of my physical therapy sessions. What caught my attention was the 45 min Free Consultation offer, so I scheduled my appointment with a bit of skepticism and WOW! I found out over the next 4 weeks that JENuine Nutrition and Jennifer Jones is the REAL DEAL! My main goals and concerns were to understand why I felt so sluggish, tired, and lacked overall energy in everyday normal lifestyle and to lose about 20lbs. Jennifer not only helped me better understand that dieting and gym gimmicks just doesn’t work as a lifestyle, but a better life choice would be to learn and practice healthy eating and the importance of nutritional value in foods. Jennifer was very easy to work with and laid out a plan Taylor-made for my condition. She taught me awareness of reading food labels and knowing actual what I'm consuming in my body, as well as taking the proper vitamin supplements for maximum results. I’ve lost 15lbs to date and feeling better than I have in 10 years! Jennifer is AMAZING to work with! Very passionate about her practice and clients! Very Knowledgeable in the field on nutrition/health, and Very Cool! No fluff. If you follow her plan, it absolutely works!Thank You Jenn! You are truly The BEST!J. Lee Jr.
Nicole MerriwetherNicole Merriwether
04:26 07 Jun 23
Honestly I did not have a good experience with Jennifer. I was enrolled in the 6 week program and in the beginning it went well until she started to make comments in my food journal that felt really judgemental. She called the water that I drank sewage water. It made me really uncomfortable and when I expressed how her comment made me feel, she didn't take any accountability. She suggested that I take a good look at myself to try to understand why her comment bothered me so much. I found her response to be overall really insensitive and honestly it felt like a microaggression...I went to this practice because I thought I was going to be working with a holistic nutritionist however, the services I received from her were anything but that. I understand that mistakes can happen and we could've salvaged the relationship if she were willing to truly apologize, take accountability and change her behavior..
Greg CampbellGreg Campbell
00:39 30 May 23
Jennifer is amazing. She has helped me to overcome very serious gut challenges to restore my health. Jennifer made a commitment that the right foods, not pills would address my ailments.Through her guidance food became my new medicine. The process was not easy but Jennifer challenged me to not only change what and when I ate but my exercise regime and sleep patterns. Jennifer treated my whole body.I have added back foods I that were out of bounds for over a year. My gut is in balance and my hunger hormones are now restored.Jennifer guided me each step of the way. Thanks to her protocols and perseverance I feel like myself again
Shannon ZamoraShannon Zamora
20:16 26 May 23
I did the 6-week reset program and it was the best money I have ever spent. I lost 7 lbs, but more importantly, I healed my relationship with food. I do not have unhealthy cravings anymore, I cut my drinking in half, and I will never be on a diet again because I know how to eat now. I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough.
Elizabeth PilgrimElizabeth Pilgrim
00:57 13 May 23
I felt extremely comfortable with Jennifer from the beginning.She outlined the direction she wanted me to take in terms of reducing and/or eliminating pain. That included vitamin therapy and a firm pledge to change eating habits.My testimony is- Work In—Work Out— But IT DOES WORK!!!AND worth the money!!!!
Angeles ReyesAngeles Reyes
17:26 30 Mar 23
Jennifer has opened my eyes to a world of trusting and listening to your body. But the most important lesson I have taken from these 10 weeks, is that it is ok to fall nobody is perfect, just picked yourself off the ground and try again.
Sterling CarterSterling Carter
09:42 13 Sep 22
Jen was simply amazing! She educated me on the right type of food eat for my blood type and taught me how we can heal our bodies through our diet. She gave me a structured routine in regards to eating frequency, meal preparation, and food types. She even showed me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when I am on vacation. Jen has a very holistic approach. We discussed how diet and exercise is only one component to living your best possible life. We must be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally strong as well. We incorporated meditation, journaling, and daily affirmations that have brought mean inner peace that I have not had a in long time. She truly wants the best for you and she cares about your success. She is inspiring, solution driven, and compassionate
Victoria YehVictoria Yeh
23:26 29 Dec 21
I had never worked with a nutritionist before I found Jen, but I did have preconceived notions about the type of advice nutritionists would give, based on what I heard from friends or videos I have seen on Youtube. But this was different. I quickly realized during my consult with Jen that she is a food therapist (along with many other roles, other than pure nutritionist). In this day and age when there are a million diets out there, it is liberating to have a certified professional like Jen help you unlearn all the restrictive rules and just eat food. I am still a work in progress, especially considering Jen has multiple focuses in her VIP program, but I know working on each aspect of health she has spotlighted will help me grow into a healthier version of myself.
Courtney ScottCourtney Scott
16:32 14 Sep 21
Jen does a great job at what she does and she has truly helped me make life long changes when it comes to nutrition and my overall life choices and I am forever grateful for her help and all that she has taught me and the tools that she has provided me to be better and live better. Jen you are absolutely amazing!
Nykeah CohenNykeah Cohen
20:35 02 Sep 21
Jen's "Love Yourself To Better Health" Nutrition and Lifestyle program is nothing short of transformational! Guided by her extensive professional and personal knowledge and experience, she guides each participant to reach their full nutritional potential from a real and relatable space. No gimmicks or temporary fixes! It is so evident that the program is a labor of love and will indeed change many more lives. As for me, I will never forget Jen--her advice and words of wisdom regarding loving myself to better health stick with me daily. Her program, guidance, and expertise are worth the investment! Invest in a better you because you absolutely deserve it. Just ask Jen--she'll tell you the same!
14:55 28 May 21
I've tried different diet programs. Some worked, but they all ended up being a temporary fix, which resulted in my constant weight fluctuations. So when I found out about the Reset & Reboot program, and how it promotes a holistic lifestyle change, I knew it was something I had to try. And I'm so glad I did! It's a 7-day program that builds on to what you learned the day prior. Each day, I was able to implement a lifestyle change that was easy to make and stick to. For the first time in a long while, I feel like I will be able to regulate my weight and be a healthier version of myself. Many thanks to Jen for coming up with this simple yet genius program, and for being a genuinely gracious and giving person!
Priscilla OehlertPriscilla Oehlert
19:41 21 May 21
I'm so very happy I found Jen as she is an amazing individual who is very passionate about helping her clients to become their better self. I'll always remember she took me from a place of despair and an unhealthy lifestyle to a place of looking forward to the future and provided many tools for me to use along the way. I truly experienced a positive transformation from being one of her clients.
Mia RomarMia Romar
22:16 17 Sep 20
Achieved major goals during my weeks with Coach Jen. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, driven, patient and definitely helped me focus. Impressed upon me that nutrition is a journey, not an overnight sensation. I'm in it for the long term and she gave me tools to stay the course. Her consistent, gentle encouragement and direction motivated me to no end. My outlook on life improved and I started reading books to build my mind and spirit again. She's not just about nutrition but the whole holistic view of things. Money well spent!!!!! I would highly recommend her.
Miranda BarnesMiranda Barnes
17:20 02 Oct 19
Jen is great! She is super friendly and really listens to you and helps make something work for your unique situation. She really helped me learn about nutritious foods and what I should be eating and when. She really helped with what my specific needs were with my crazy schedule and what I wanted to accomplish. I have so much more knowledge on what I should and shouldn't be eating and am conscious about the foods that I am eating. Highly recommend!

The JENuine Journey

7-Day Mind & Body Reboot

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

True wellness encompasses more than just the physical and mental aspects of our being.

Here at JENuine Nutrition, we believe in a holistic, integrative approach that encompasses every facet of your life.

Throughout this 7-day program, you’ll dive into transformative nutrition, self-care, and stress reduction techniques.

Learn to nourish your body and mind as you embrace a holistic lifestyle that fosters peace and balance.


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