She is the absolute best! Helped me so much on my journey to a healthier life.

Ryan F. Completed 3 Month Nutrition Program

Working out with Jennifer has been great. She helped keep me consistent with my workouts and I was always looking forward to our sessions because has a cheerful personality and was never a drill sergeant. She is a great listener and also helped me with my nutrition and giving me some great pointers I would never usually try. I enjoyed working with someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and practices what she preaches.

Michelle Herman- Wife of Tom Herman (Head Football Coach of University of Texas), Personal Training Client

Jennifer is an amazing fitness and nutrition coach that has helped me change my health, my physique and my eating habits. She takes the time to get to know you and your life and continues to motivate you to want better for yourself. She’s not a drill sergeant, but still holds you accountable and makes you go the extra mile all with a smile. I have muscles in places I didn’t event know I could get them. I’m in better shape then I was during my college cheerleader days. Thanks Jen!

Brenda J. Completed 6 Month Health & Wellness Program

Jen is a great motivator and encourager!!! Thanks for helping me to jumpstart my journey to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. If you are in need a dynamic overall wellness coach…look no further!!!

Tracee F. Completed 3 Month Health & Wellness Program

Teaming up with Jen to get my health back on track was the best thing I did for myself. Self love and positive self outlook was always the focus in our sessions. After working with Jen, I have made huge changes in my meal preparation and nutritional intake. Overall, I am able to cope with the stress from work and everyday life. I was also able to lose weight and get closer to reaching my fitness goal. Her coaching is life changing and comes straight from the heart.

Sonia M. Completed 6 Month Health & Wellness Program

Jen has guided me to be in tune with my body and make healthier choices to benefit my goals. She is encouraging, fun and uplifting. She is honest and open and …makes sure I stay honest with myself as well. If you are looking for someone to help jumpstart your journey or someone to take you to the next level, Jen is your woman!

Kristi P. Completed 3 Month Nutritional Coaching