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As many people are finally starting to realize, there is more to losing weight and keeping it off than “eating right and working out.
People are also realzing that at the end of the day,  DIETS DON’T WORK. 

Diets are linear and provide short-term solutions. 

Solutions that are unrealistic and sustainable for a lifetime.

Because as we know, life isn’t linear.

Which is why 98% of people gain weight, plus more after completing a diet. 

You jump from one crazy diet or extreme exercise regimen to the next, only to end up back where you started.

Let’s be honest. 

You don’t need another diet or exercise routine, you need to learn how to eat and I will teach you how to do just that! 

Just as we weren’t taught proper finances in school, we weren’t taught proper nutrition either.

The Balanced Eating Blueprint™ teaches you how to eat, instead of restricting what you eat, so you can lose weight and keep it off – for good! 

This program gives you a better understanding of how the body works and the important role nutrition plays in stabilizing your metabolism and hormones, so you can stop restricting yourself, and start enjoying the foods you love.

Learn how to:

  • Nourish your body to lose weight, increase your energy and metabolism without crazy diets or exercise. 
  • Develop a healthier relationship with food
  • Enjoy foods without guilt or shame
  • Get off the diet and calorie counting rollercoaster 
  • Naturally balance your hormones through balanced nutrition 
  • Reduce unhealthy food and sugar cravings 
  • Manage stress/emotional eating 
  • Fuel your workouts for better results 

Stop going at it alone. 

Get the healthy body you want and free yourself from harmful diets and crazy exercise. 

If you’re just starting out, or you’ve been doing the same things with no results, this program is for you, and I can’t wait to join you on your journey to better health!



Client Transformations

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

Client Love

JENuine Nutrition | jenuinenutrition.com

“I am cooking more often and being more intentional about my food selections; understanding the “why” of my nutritional choices. This program provided me with a deeper understanding about nutrition and supplements and how they work best for my individual needs.”

~Ramona C.

“It was enlightening and I definitely experienced a mind shift. I’m more conscious of what I’m eating and how I’m living and I have a better relationship with food.”
~Patrice C.

“If you’re looking for TRUE transformation and REAL results when it comes to your health, Jen is the way to go. Not only is her program informative and impactful, she’s someone who actually cares about the wellbeing of her clients. She’s not that type of Coach that focuses on selling you on these so-called “secrets” to losing weight and being healthy. Her programs actually teach you how to live a healthy and holistic life that works best for each individual that joins. Highly recommend her for those that are looking for REAL change when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle”.

~Taylor H.

“I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to our group meetings (virtual). I feel we learned so much by “feeding” off each other, encouraging, and cheering each other on. Jennifer most definitely was our biggest cheerleader! Even during a pandemic, arctic freeze, and power outage, Jennifer didn’t miss a beat, but focused on our well being. I felt like wow, she has so many clients, but took the time to check on our needs. She made us feel special collectively and individually. I gained so much!”

~Patricia W.

programs designed with You In Mind

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Programs

Already on your journey, working out and still not getting the results you want? Always tired with no energy? Have no idea what, when and how much to eat for your body specifically? Does your current food intake just need some fine tuning and tweaking?

Intuitive Eating




My Signature Four Pillars of Holistic health

Live With Intention . Eat With Intention™

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Education that teaches you how to eat and use food as medicine, so you can naturally heal your body, lose weight, and break free from crazy diets and extreme exercise. 


Self-Care &

Lifestyle &
Stress Mangement



Jen’s Philosophy

Hormone & Life Balance – Stress & Weight Management
I teach busy individuals what, when and how much to eat, so they can naturally balance their hormones, lose weight and reduce stress. I assist my clients in going beyond the surface to dig a little deeper and become more in tune with their bodies to seek long lasting results. This, I believe, is the true foundation for both a substantial mental and physical transformation. When you change your mindset, you have the ability to change your body and your life and I’m happy to accompany my clients on their amazing, life changing journeys.

Everyone knows to “eat right and workout” but if those were the only two factors in achieving weight loss, we’d have a lot more healthier, and happier people walking around. By covering my signature Four Pillars of Holistic Health, which I believe are the essential keys to maintaining proper balance in life, my clients are given the tools, knowledge and skillset that will last them a lifetime to help them successfully keep the weight off and navigate any obstacle that may come their way.


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