90-Day Intentional & Intuitive Holistic Nutrition Food Guide


Love Yourself to Better Health™

This Intentional & Intuitive 90-Day Holistic Nutrition Food Guide Will Help You Control Your Eating Habits by Guiding You on What to Eat Based on Your Body.


Are your eating habits getting out of hand?
Do you find yourself stress eating and browsing the refrigerator every now and then out of boredom?

I get it, being confused about nutrition: what to eat, when and how much is normal but it doesn't have to be that way any more.
If you’re like most people, chances are that you’ve never been taught how to take care of yourself nutritionally.

But, guess what?

There’s a way you can address your eating concerns and completely turn a new leaf in the next 90 days with my 90-Day Holistic Nutrition Food Guide!

  • Imagine that after the next 90 days, you will be fully in control of your eating habits.
  • Imagine achieving a healthier relationship with food without the shame or guilt
  • Imagine getting a chance to finally balance your hormones through food and avoid stress eating.


Oh, and the best part?

This Guide is not like anything you’ve seen or what’s on the market. 

I’m not just asking you to list what you eat ❌, I’m GUIDING you on how to eat for you and your body specifically ✅.

Which is why it's not called a journal but a GUIDE. Because I guide you into eating more whole, real, nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis.


In 90 Days, You Will:

  • Learn how to properly fuel your body for day-to-day activities and workouts
  • Successfully change and have a better relationship with food
  • Stop worrying about counting calories
  • Identify & start to understand any food allergies, sensitives or nutrient deficiencies
  • Learn what, when and how to eat specifically for your body and lifestyle


 What’s inside:

  • My Signature Intentional Eating Method™ That Has Transformed My Clients Lives & Mindset Around Nutrition
  • Writing Prompts To Help You Get to The Root of Your Eating Habits or Food Allergies/Sensitivities.
  • Food & Pantry ChecklistBONUS Food Label Breakdown to Help Set You & Your Kitchen Up For Success
  • Guidance on Movement (Workout) Nutrition to Properly Fuel Your Body For The Best Results
  • Monthly Goal Setting to Know Where You're Going & to Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Plus MORE!

Get control of your eating habits before they control you!

Grab your copy today and get started (or back on track) on your journey to your best self through better health!


What People Are Saying:

  • "I’m more conscious and aware of my daily eating habits, and can make the necessary changes without falling off the deep end."  ~Patrice C.
  • “Wanted to send some love your way and tell you that I'm grateful for the time we spent together. Especially the food diary work - which I hated, but now I rely on to find my center and keep my diet in check. The month I spent reviewing my "rainbow foods" in the diary really helped to subconsciously train my brain to seek colorful foods that are vitamin rich. Which is why it's easier for me to course correct whenever I feel like I'm going off track.”
    ~Jeanette P.

Take control of your eating habits and change your relationship with food in just 90-Days! 


*NOTE: This is a Digital and Fillable Guide that you can easily print out or fill in your journal entries on your computer, phone or tablet.  You will gain access to the 90-Day Holistic Nutrition Food Guide within seconds of your purchase.
*Due to the nature of digital downloads, we're unable to accommodate any refunds on digital products*