Individual Consulting

Jen’s Philosophy

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant, I help individuals find their inner voice and become more in tune with their bodies. I assist my clients in going beyond the surface to dig a little deeper to seek long lasting results. This, I believe, is the true foundation for both a substantial mental and physical transformation. When you change your mindset, you have the ability to change your body and your life and I’m happy to accompany my clients on their amazing, life changing journeys.

By covering what I believe are the 4 essential keys to maintaining proper balance in life, my clients are given the tools that will last them a lifetime to help them successfully navigate any obstacle that may come their way.


Self Care & Awareness

Physical Wellbeing

Lifestyle & Stress Management

Change your perception and learn to love yourself through food. Your body is a temple, it’s time to start treating it as such.

Learn what, when and how to eat specifically for your body and lifestyle.  Live a life where there is no more food shaming or guilt tripping when it comes to food.

“Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul” ~Osho

Self TLC has gone extinct, if it even ever existed. When you do and care for self, you are able to do and care for others. Jenuinely helping and caring for others is what make the world a better place!

“Food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.”

Staying active and working out releases those feel good endorphins and keeps the blood flowing. When the blood is flowing properly, more oxygen gets to the brain. The more oxygen to the brain, the more focused and alert you are. Who doesn’t like to be more focused, alert and productive?!

It’s time to declutter your life! If something or someone is no longer serving you, the healthy thing to do is rid yourself of any and all negativity that could be blocking your true happiness.

Ready To Get Started?!

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Initial Consultation includes:

  • An in-depth Health History Review

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Food/Meal Guideline

  • Grocery Shopping List

  • Measurements

  • Customized Nutritional & Fitness Recommendations

During the initial consultation, we will discuss what the best steps are moving forward in regards to follow up sessions and programs that are best suitable for you. Schedule your initial consultation today!!

3 Month Nutrition Program

3 Month Nutrition + 1

6 Month Health & Wellness Program

Working out and still not getting the results you want? Always tired with no energy? Have no idea what to and when to eat it?

The 3 Month Nutrition Program will help guide and assist you with any issues you are having when it comes to properly fueling your body for the results you want.

If you’re struggling with Nutrition and another area in your life you think is the culprit to why you’re not achieving your overall health and fitness goals, the 3 Month Nutrition + 1 program is for you.

This program will cover Nutrition + 1 additional area of focus of your choice from below:

  • Physical well-being (Fitness)

  • Self-care

  • Lifestyle & Stress Management

Life completely out of balance? This in depth 6 Month Program covers all areas of focus and will help you regain control of your life. A balanced life is a happy and healthy life!

  • Nutrition

  • Physical well-being (Fitness)

  • Self-care

  • Lifestyle & Stress Management

*Virtual Coaching Available*